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PayPal Question


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Disclaimer: I despise Paypal, so I really don't care.


I have a question about the Gateway->call() function.


When the IPN comes in, all the stuff in POST is used to make a $request, and the answer to that $request is tested to be either 'INVALID' or 'VERIFIED'.


Assuming 'VERIFIED', the code then looks at $_POST['payment_status'].


If $_POST['payment_status'] is 'Pending', the code calls $order->paymentStatus(Order::PAYMENT_PENDING, $cart_order_id), then calls $order->orderStatus(Order::ORDER_PROCESS, $cart_order_id).


The question is: Assuming PayPal's 'payment_status' as "Pending" means exactly that, why is CubeCart setting the status of the order to Processing?

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It doesn't look right does it. Oddly there have been no reports of it not working correctly. 


We are actually in the process of doing two pieces of work for PayPal to bring the API to the latest version and make optimizations around logos, and features such as showing line items on the paypal pages. I have added a note to this work to check this. 

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A "modal" window is basically any kind of pop-up window.


For example, when viewing a product and the mouse hovers over the main image, you get a magifier view of the image. Then, when you click on that image, you get a javascript-based "colorbox" pop-over showing an even larger image (can contain a slideshow of a series of images).


So, by "modal" with respect to another site, it may be the case where CubeCart will open a pop-up and PayPal will use that to show the payment screen. Thus, when finished, the pop-up goes away and you are back at the store (which you never actually left).


I don't know if this offers any more or less security than that of a new browser window or an in-line frame. But it should solve some situations where customers do not bother to come back to the store - if that was ever necessary.

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