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Google is not entering the search terms, BUT they pick up the urls people use on Twitter, Facebook, etc., and these kinds of links end up on our HTML warnings as Duplicate metadata. It's nonsense, and aggravating, but these "warnings" from Google have to be taken seriously due to Google's status.


The same thing happens with page=all urls. I have blocked them in robots.txt and even told Google to remove them (all 68 various category pages seen with all items being viewed) via their Remove URL page - but I STILL get warnings about the page=all urls having duplicate metadata to the homepage. All it takes is someone sharing the View All page with someone else on the internet, and Google "complains". right now I have a serious warning on our dirtybutter domain "Severe health issues have been found on your site" follow the link and I'm told "Some important page is blocked by robots.txt." Follow THAT link and it goes to the Carters Prestige View All page. They are also telling me "Some important pages have been removed by request". Important??? Not in MY opinion. One of my categories has over 40 pages of items!! The View All page takes forever to load, and it's not necessary for Google to crawl it that way, when each product has its own url, and each category does too.


Sorry for the rant against Google, but that's my problem.

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