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Amending the All in One Shipping Title


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Hello fellow cubecarters.

A simple request with hopefully a simple resolve?

I want to call the "All in One Shipping" something else. I don't want to amend a phrase associated with the Shipping Module I want to amend the actual title itself.


Thanks in advance.

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Try this:

1. Disable the current All-in-One shipping module.

2. Copy the entire folder 'All_In_One_Shipping' to another folder and name it what you desire. Be sure to make any spaces as underscores.

3. In this new folder, edit the file config.xml by replacing the <name> value with the name that you desire. This can have spaces. Edit the <uid> value as appropriate.

4. The new shipping module should be listed in the admin Shipping Methods. The settings from All-in-One will not have transferred over. Configure and enable.

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