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Placeholders or No Placeholders?


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Purely from a style point of view I prefer the right option. Not sure why the country field would appear at the very top though?


I think placeholders look good on single inputs e.g. a search box (enter keywords or SKU), or the odd (hard to understand) field in between others in a set.


Another option here would be to use the second option but include a '?' next to the label so they have the option of hovering over it/clicking if they need to know what that field is all about.

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With the new store I am hoping to drastically reduce phone calls by making things as foolproof as possible. We currently take so many phone calls having to talk customers through the checkout; telling them where to find product codes etc. etc.


We get made up company names entered in the company box (becuase people don't want to leave it blank)! This causes issues with deliveries.


We get people cramming all their address in the box that says "address" rather than also using the 2nd box - which doesn't have a label!


We get Aberdeenshire entered constantly as a county because people change the Country and the select box details change. Shouldn't happen in CC5 but I have moved the country to be the first option none the less.

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