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Fusion and vector Skin


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Hi Guys,


Ive payed and downloaded both the fusion and Vector skin from shopdev ive also payed for them to install it but never heard anything from them. Tickets have been submitted but no replys... looking on hear it looks quite a problem.... We have uploaded the Vector skin which does click on and work.


Fusion 2.2 is the bigest issue... the cube cart is the newer version only updated a few days ago.

its enabled and everything has been set in...

When you click on Fusion config in the left hand menu you get a white screen... With just writing on no template.... Click on vector and it takes you to the list... no template... nothing works on this page but it changes in the address bar.


Can anyone help or even better help me to install it!! Cash waiting!


Many Thanks

Jack Hull


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I dont think you will get any reply or installation done so think you need to think about reclaiming the money for that. Nobody has heard anything from the developer Omar for getting on for a year - such a shame as Vector is undoubtedly the best CubeCart skin available.

The Fusion directory needs to be uploaded to modules/plugins and then enabled. Once that is done the Vector files uploaded to the skins directory. If you have cache enabled you will neec to clear that and then you will have a new option "Fusion Configuration" where you can first enter the licence code and then configure the layout. You should then be able to see and select Vector in the Store Settings Layout tab

We have a lot of customers using both Vector and Blueprint and the only issue is that there is a small change required to one core CubeCart file as documented here http://my.shopdev.co.uk/knowledgebase/26/Secure-pages-dont-display-properly-in-chrome.html



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I think the Fusion module requires ionCube (while the current versions of CubeCart no longer require ionCube).


In CubeCart, admin, PHP Info, look at the bottom of the top block of PHP info. It will say something like:


This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine:
Zend Engine v2.5.0, Copyright © 1998-2014 Zend Technologies

    with ionCube version X.Y.Z


If there is no mention of ionCube, please have your hosting provider look into getting it enabled for your site.

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Everything you have said ive done... unsure where to turn know... We have the newest IonCube installed on the server...also checked that PHp Safe mode is off... The newer ones dont seem to have this anymore.

Yer i started out with Cube cart over a year ago and wanted the Vector skin back then....

Everything up and running i decided to go vector......


Ian you want to have a look over it for me?

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Also be aware that if your host uses or intends to implement mod_SPDY to speed up server side SSL/https connections, VECTOR and its attendant requirements and modules/CSS, etc., are not compatible with some browsers like Firefox when running mod_SPDY and other optimization tricks ... since they load the CSS via a sort of compiled LESS/redirect, this fails on Firefox when mod_SPDY is running.


VECTOR does still work with mod_pagespeed, however.


Frankly, you might consider playing with CC6 on parallel install and look at the base responsive theme and see if you can more easily modify that to work long-term. The new base theme in CC6 runs on Foundation vs Bootstrap, but styles/classes are well documented.


You can look at my "old" (soon to be retired) version of Vector with many hacks, here if curious: https://www.send2press.com/ecom/


We'll be retiring that due to our need to run mod_SPDY soon; but the above link will be redirected to new /folder/ when the new store install actually working by early Feb.


This might not apply to you in any way, I only bring it up as reasons we are now moving away from VECTOR


1) lack of any support, or updates

2) not compatible with mod_SPDY

3) not fully optimized for Google PageSpeed


Your mileage may vary, of course! :-)

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"When you click on Fusion config in the left hand menu you get a white screen..."


We would like to know what error PHP is reporting, if any at all.


Please see:


This will log errors to a file that is easily accessible in the main folder of your store and easily checked.

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