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Incorrect prices displaying after upgrade


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This is a known problem. It occurs because the upgrade process did not go through the CC6 beta series.


But I understood that CC601 fixed that problem.


One of the changes to the database is to CubeCart_currencies where the column symbol_decimal is changed to a VARCHAR(10) and now holds a default period, and a new column added named symbol_thousand, a VARCHAR(10), and holds a default comma. (The columns symbol_left and symbol_right are changed to TINYBLOB.)


But the CC6 upgrade somehow missed changing the database, the symbol_decimal column still has zero, which is taken literally, and not as a "logic switch" (to use for a CC5 hard-coded decimal or comma).

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If trying this manually, using phpMyAdmin for example, you need to first change the database table CubeCart_currency column type for 'symbol_decimal' from TINYINT(1) to VARCHAR(10). Then add the 'symbol_thousand' column as VARCHAR(10) as well.

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I'm on 6.0.0




Your store has already been upgraded. No further action is required.

Have now upgraded to 6.0.1, and the prices seem to be displaying properly now - thanks.


Except on the popular products sidebar. No prices at all.

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