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How to set your own background


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The edit, as specified in post #4, was not completed. I see in cubecart.default.css:

body { background-image: url/domains/ncom.be/public_html/webshop/skins/foundation/images/HyperXGrunge2.jpg);}

It must be written this way:

body { background-image: url(../images/HyperXGrunge2.jpg); }

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Hi, Having an issue with the back ground in foundation


.top-bar-section .dropdown label {
 color: #ffffff 
body { background-image: url(../images/source/bud_logo.jpg); }


I inserted body { background.... into cubecart.default.css with nothing appearing on the home page. Is body .... order specific?



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When the browser starts loading a page's CSS resources, and the CSS file makes reference to an image, the location of the image is relative to the location of the CSS file.

So, with the CSS file located here:

And the image you want is located here:

The resultant path is:
Up to /foundation/, up to /skins/, up to root, down to /images/, down to /source/
or, url(../../../images/source/bud_logo.jpg);

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