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Resolved - Lost Add to Basket Alert

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Anyone know what or how these lovely green added to basket banners are generated?

I've lost them in my custom template with just a semi-transparent white box appearing and I can't work out what code I may have changed to stop them appearing correctly. Any hints much appreciated :)

The screen shot is from the same install using the default skin so I know it is not a core file issue and must be something I've left out of the custom skin I've been working on.

Thanks in advance


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This specific visual item is found in the template file box.basket.php. This template has a block of code called the "mini-basket".

The mini-basket has two parts, one to show on medium and larger devices, and one to show on small devices.

Of the part to show on small devices, there are two div blocks: the icon that represents the tap-button to show the basket contents, and the banner to show something was added to the basket - normally hidden.

<div class="hide panel radius small-basket-detail-container js_fadeOut" id="small-basket-detail"><i class="fa fa-check"></i> {$LANG.catalogue.added_to_basket}</div>

"with just a semi-transparent white box appearing"

In your custom template, you may not have copied over the CSS for the Mini Basket found in cubecart.css.

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Thanks bsmither. I checked both of those files and all was present and correct but the css hint got me thinking.

I set a default background color of white for class .panel to remove the background color on panels site wide and that is what has done me in!

Thanks again for all your help, much appreciated.

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