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I installed CubeCart 5.2.16 on my godaddy hosting account directly from the applications it has on there. I installed it without a hitch and configured the store. I deleted the test product and category and made another category and made another product. When I go to upload the picture it says upload successful but it is not showing a picture. it says image is unavailable and it is under the 350kb limit. When I go to the file manager and images I can upload it but as soon as i try and edit the picture it says it is not there. Any help would be appreciated. 



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Welcome swimmerbhs! Glad to see you made it to the forums.

Using your hosting site's control panel, please use the File Explorer tool to verify the image is actually in the /images/sources/ folder. If so, make sure the folder and file allow for the proper writing and reading permissions.

Next, please visit the admin, PHP Info page, and scroll to the Core table, 'memory_limit' row. I recommend as much as you can get away with, but nothing less than 128M.


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If anyone else has this issue and is looking for an answer.  I had the same problem and after several attempts at uninstall/reinstall/read logs I called godaddy tech support. The final solution for me was to recycle the iis app worker process. Once done it worked fine.

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