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Product Page option Tabs not working

Paul Middleton

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Sounds like your administrative permissions are messed up. The admin you logged in as has READ permission, but not EDIT.

In admin, visit the Administrators screen. Let us know if there is something wrong there. CubeCart should have made one admin with SUPERUSER status.

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The tabs across the top are all grey, and there is nothing showing in the work area, or there is a form of settings to be made?

If a blank work area, because all of the tabs at the top is not selected (grey), then I would blame some javascript not working.

Does your browser have an indicator that shows whether the javascript has crashed?

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We would really need to get inside the admin and look for ourselves.

In admin, the tabs across the top, having none of them active (or the General tab defaulting to active), tells me something is going on with the javascript.

Are you able to get to the Dashboard and move about across the tabs there? (Dashboard, Unsettled Orders, Stock Warnings, Store Overview, Search)

Are all tabs on every admin function unresponsive?

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Categories and Products involve a Rich Text Editor, and a File Picker for images.

Products also involves a File Picker for digital files.

The Images (under File Manager) involves a File Picker for images.

Documents has a Rich Text Editor.

But you say Add New (category and product), as opposed to clicking the Edit icon of any existing category or product, gets a blank page.

Have you found the PHP error log?

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I've just had a look and all tabs seem to work except for when I try to use the Add a new category and add a new product tabs. It goes into the Add a new category and add an new product but the tabs don't do anything.

Trying to edit the current category or product also doesn't show the item or allow me to edit it


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I went to your site. For some reason, my browser is making a second page request for your site after receiving the first request.

Let me see if I can out why.

Also, it took a very long time to get the first page request, but since, every page request comes in within one or two seconds. Is your site hosted on an in-house server that takes a while to wakeup?

There is no logo assigned to the store. Somehow, the admin Store Settings, Logos tab, have lost the reference to the logo assignments. If an assignment has not been made, then CubeCart is supposed to use the image at /skins/SKIN_IN_USE/images/SUBSTYLE_IN_USE/logo/default.png.

But, it seems an assignment has been made, but that assignment has become corrupted. The <img> tag for the logo has the attribute src="/". That just pulls in another copy of the index.php file.

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