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My first Foundation based skin


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I had been using firefox only to setup the skin and check it all. It worked fine there seemingly but did not work in IE, Chrome or Safari. I think I have it fixed now but.... still can't get prices to show up in Safari. Prices do not show up in the product pages either, strange....

Update: I am using windows and the safari browser I have is about 4 years old (Apple's Safari does not support windows anymore so I can't update). This may be the problem I'm having. Is there anyone using a Mac or iPhone/iPad that can check my site to see if the prices are displaying properly in a newer version of Safari?

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Thanks for letting me know that. I was trying to fix the add to bag buttons and menu problem and I guess I set the checkout button z index to -1. Forgot to set that back after the test to see if that was the issue or the correct class. All fixed and it did not wreck the menu placement either. It's hard enough designing in 2D but having to think about the z index definitely makes things more complicated.....

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X Y Z are the three dimensional planes. In CSS and web design X is left to right, Y is top to bottom and Z is the elevation from the zero plane. In CSS and JS it is used to stack objects in front or behind each other. The higher the number object is in front of the lower numbered object. It's used in menu layout and pop ups mostly.

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