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Please look at the skin template box.navigation.php. There you will find the hard-coded links to Gift Certificates and Sale Items.

To suppress the display of the links regardless whether they should sho or not, add a 'false' to the if test:


{if false && $CTRL_SALE}

Using the same HTML <li> tag format, add your custom links here.

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wow this menu is stubborn! 

I modified as you said and it has no result? both the certs & specials still show? 

Im just thinking about this... so Im requesting "if the specials byte is not decalred? or "if" specials do not exist?  Im guessing if no products are on sale then it will automatically not populate the specials link, I do have sale items I just dont want it in the top nav bar

It seems like once the {catagories} variable is called it automatically generates the link before my code is executed,

I have included a copy of the file box.navigation.php... is there anything else I need to do?

thanks again bsmithers... your a lifesaver!


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I would like for you to clear the skin cache (admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, check Clear cache). Perhaps the template rendering engine is still using cached copies of the compiled skin templates.

In looking at your file, two things:

I do not recall what {$CATEGORIES} has as its contents. But true, if {$CATEGORIES} is not empty it, and not the rest of the template, will display.

There has been more than the suggested changes made. Specifically, I suggested changing only the {if} expression to result in an absolute false - false && anything = false - but the contents between the {if} and {/if} has been removed. That wasn't necessary and now you must find an unedited copy of the template if you wish to restore that data to be displayed.

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thats no problem, I always download the original to my computer when I edit a file incase I need to recover it.

I was wondering about the cache, but I was leary because whenI cleared the image cache some items lost thier photos for some reason, im not sure how that feature works, I cleared the image cache when first started listing items I had to update and swap some item photos until I worked out the best size & format for images

what is the proper procedures for using functions & clearing image cache? when should we rebuild? after every cache wipe? 

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also just I removed them just to see if they were the culprit then the above failed and I couldnt remove them from the menu, I will recover them lines of code,  I do have it noted "todo" & I realize that could lead to issues leaving holes in code like that..

I did the cache as you said and special is still displayed...  I cleared everything but the image cache since I not sure about that feature...

Do you see the "specials" cagtagory in the top navbar? 



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On your site, after Bracelets, I see Specials, then Gift Certificates.

Originally thinking you had renamed Sale Items to Specials, I was giving you instruction on how to remove Sale Items from the menu bar.

I see that Specials seems to be a typical category because Sale Items (perhaps renamed to Specials) would be placed on the menu after Gift Certificates.

If Specials is a regular category, then the admin can disable and/or hide it in the admin Categories List.

Gift Certificates can be administratively disabled (but not hidden).

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I tried to do this just now and noticed similar resistance


            <li><a href="{$URL.certificates}">{$LANG.navigation.giftcerts}</a></li>
        {if $CTRL_SALE}
            <li><a href="{$URL.saleitems}">{$LANG.navigation.saleitems}</a></li>

I just cleared all caches and it sorted it out

Edited by Lastwolf
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