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Clone / Duplicate store for testing purposes


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Okay, after some recent discoveries with my skin and some issues I have. I need to know if I can clone or duplicate my store as it is now to another location so that I can work on a custom skin. I want to keep the products that are already listed in the store if possible so that I can test the images and alignments properly. I do NOT want this to be a live store, or a store that has customers accessible, or even for it to have the ability to change the live stores database if I add/remove products from the database or even in and out of the cart.

Is this possible? Or do I have to do a whole new store install and create fake products?? I don't want to break any terms with CC as this is for closed testing only. I am constantly looking for a good skin, and it seems that I may need to just try and customize one myself. This test site might be up for quite some time before it's deployed to the live store.

All searches I found were test stores migrating to live stores, and not the other way around...

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Same thing.

Copy all the code to another location. Make a backup of the database and restore it to another location. Edit /includes/global.inc.php to point to the new database.

Obviously, there are minutia that needs attending to, but that's the outline of what you need to do.

No longer are there "terms" with CubeCart, Ltd. Install as many stores as you want. (Your plugins, however....)

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