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My Amazon plug in on website no longer works from beginning of April 2016. Takes you to sign in page but on continue just sends you back to the website basket. Is this due to an update which needs to be installed?
I am also informed from Amazon : We are contacting you today with some important news — the Checkout by Amazon product will be discontinued on August 16, 2016. Please use the remaining time to switch to Login and Pay with Amazon.
Currently Cubecart is not supported.

So wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to continue using Amazon payments with a cubecart website?

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Follow up. The issue with Amazon Checkout appears to be with the user being signed in to cubecart website. 

If you are not signed in the checkout works but if you are signed in as soon as you sign in to Amazon it throws you back to the website.

On the plug in page they say there is a fix for this on 29th Feb but although I have installed the token the same issue persists.

The other point about Amazon changing to Log in and pay I can not find any info on, or anyone even mentioning it so perhaps

very few cubecart users have Amazon checkouts.

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As far as I know there are two issues here - the Amazon system is changing;  they now require merchants to sign up with a different email address for their Checkout product.  So it is completely different from what existed before.

Then, the existing Cubecart plugin (developed by Havensoft ;) - ) doesn't seem to be compatible with the new Amazon checkout ....

Unless I'm missing something???

Interested minds would love to know because it did make it easy for people to buy through their Amazon accounts.


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