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[Resolved] Featured Product


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You can hard code it in rather than have it auto generated.

If you view source code you will see the html for the featured product between these opening and closing div tags.

<div class="panel" id="box-featured">
   <h3>Featured Product</h3>
product code in here

Copy the code into the templates/box.featured.php file and change the code to the product you wish to feature replacing everything below the *}

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Here is the code from templates/featured.php, not sure where to put your code....

<div id="featured_product">
  <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" class="top addForm" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">
    <p class="image">
      <a href="{$featured.url}" title="{$featured.name}">
        <img src="{$featured.image}" alt="{$featured.name}" />
    <p class="title"><a href="{$featured.url}" title="{$featured.name}">{$featured.name}</a></p>
      {if $featured.ctrl_sale}
      <p class="price"><span class="price_previous">{$featured.price}</span> <span class="price_sale">{$featured.sale_price}</span></p>
      <p class="price">{$featured.price}</p>
      {if $featured.ctrl_purchase && !$CATALOGUE_MODE}
        <div class="button">
          <input type="hidden" name="add[{$featured.product_id}][quantity]" value="1" />
          <input type="submit" class="button_add_basket" value="{$LANG.catalogue.buy_now}" />

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Replace all of that. Depending on how many products you have if you reload your page you may see the product you want as a featured product. View source then copy the code for your product. If you have a lot of products then amend the product code to the one you want.

Your code may be slightly different depending on what skin you are using but the principle is the same.


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