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UK postcode question - all in one shipping


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I want to charge a specific UK postcode it's own unique shipping rate  eg SL3 0NS

Is this possible?  I can't quite grasp all the options.  I don't want the rates to apply to all postcodes in SL3 - just SL3 0NS specifically.



Instructions (United Kingdom)

  • List your postcodes on separate lines, or separated by commas.
  • (UK postcodes only) Enter one letter or a pair of letters to match an exact UK postcode area. For example, if you were to setup a postcode zone containing B this would match all customers in Birmingham (e.g. B11 1AA etc) but it WOULDN'T match customers in Northern Ireland or Bristol etc (e.g. BT11 1AA, BS11 1AA, etc)
  • (UK postcodes only) Enter one or two letters immediately followed by one or two numbers to match an exact UK postcode district. For example, if you were to setup a postcode code zone containing KA27 this would match all customers within the Isle of Arran (e.g. KA27 1AA, KA27 2BB, etc).
  • Use an asterisk (*) or a percent sign (%) to match any letters/numbers (any length, zero or more characters)
  • Use an underscore (_) to match exactly one letter/number
  • Note that you cannot use a dash (-) to match a number range since UK postcodes contain letters.


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Thanks - what is debug-verbose?

I have debugging enabled as standard in advanced setting (don't what it does) . 

I have set it up the new zone specific to that postcode & done a test.  It works but user now gets choice of general UK rate or the rate for that postcode.   I really need it to just be the rate for that new zone.

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In the admin AIOS module setting screen, General tab, this module has a dedicated Debugging mode. Enable the Debugging mode only as long as is practicable because a customer will really be confused to see it.

Just above the Debugging selector is a selector that answers the question about having multiple possible zones. The choice "Use first matching zone only" I hope means that the first but still the best most closely matching zone applies.

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