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Register and Checkout not working


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Hello.  I'm fairly new to Cube Cart.  Been working on setting up my store - and have been having pretty good luck using some coding knowledge and these forums as reference.

Anyway - I am getting fairly close to publicly launching my new site - but all of a sudden I am running into a critical problem!

A new user cannot register or checkout!   They can get to the page, fill in everything, etc - but when they click checkout, or register, or update cart - it does nothing.

A previous user I had created can login and then checkout no problem...


I just noticed this after doing the upgrade today to 6.1.6 - so I tried rolling back, using stock files, etc, etc - no resolve...

I'm racking my brain, digging through forum posts - can't find anything...  Any help would be appreciated!

Site is at www.llamatronicsstore.com.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Al -Thanks for the quick response.

I tried that, and it actually didn't seem to work - but then I saw an upgrade to 6.1.7 - so I did that, and now registration works!  Hooray!


I do have a couple other questions, if I may ask.

1 - When you are on the site, and no logged in - it is using my language file (I wanted it to say "Cart" instead of "Basket" - so I made all the changes and it works)  But as soon as you login - it reverts to the old language?   I can't find where that is an option... I currently only have English US active.

2 - Is there any way not to lose template edits when an upgrade occurs?  or should I hold off for major upgrades so I don't have to redo edits as much?


Thanks for your help!


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YEP - It changed to Add to Basket. Your Source code shows GB for a Registered customer:

<html class="no-js" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" dir="ltr" lang="en-GB">

Grabbing at straws here - You do have the default language set in Store Settings as US?

And you have the en-US.xml file in Language files?


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Default is set to English(US).

I'm going to try copying the US file and call it UK and see what happens

Hmm... same result...  I'm going to look in the templates and see if I can hardcode en-US.

Ok - hardcoded en-US successfully - although, some elements are still not using the US language.  I'm guessing some other php files must also have a language coding.  I'll keep digging.  Getting there though!

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Well - I decided to add a bunch of language packs.

Interesting thing - logging in as a user for the first time defaults their language to English UK - even though every setting I have Says US...

But - if they logged in user selects US - then everything works as expected...  Still very odd!

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