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Request a Feature - Want a Feature added to CC??

Dirty Butter

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If you haven't taken a look at the new Request a Feature board - please do! The link to it is near the top of this forum. You can add a feature if it has not already been listed there. There is a Search Box, so you can check first to see if your idea has already been suggested. The ones listed to start with came from GitHub.

If you want to help decide on the enhancements to CC in the future, please VOTE on the ideas you are interested in seeing in a future v6 upgrade.

You will have to create a new login name and password, separate from your forum, GitHub, and CubeCart identities. But that's very easily done.

Let your wishes be known!!


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Just a quick reminder about the Features board.  This really needs as many people as possible to have a look through the topics already listed - vote, and if possible add useful comments, for any that you would personally like to see included into core CubeCart.  If you have a great idea for new functionality that isnt already listed as a feature request (and ideally isnt already covered by a third party developer plugin) then create a new topic.

If anyone has any doubts that adding or voting on topics makes a difference - simply go to the Request a Feature board and where it says "All Statuses", select "Completed" and see how many have already been added to core CubeCart

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