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unable to open basket


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Hi Guys

When I place an order on my site www.extremeracing.co.uk then click the basket it returns back to the home page?

Also unable to login as a customer?

Any help would be appreciated

The site works fine on edge, seems to have these issues on chrome, but my other site is working fine on chrome?


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I do not have an answer for the Chrome vs Edge difference.

I do not have an answer for this site versus your other site difference, other than the version of CubeCart may be different?

The latest version of CubeCart is really wanting to pass back and forth a security token. So much so that I think it is a bug.

Please try this: in the CleanSkin config.xml file, make this edit:





In CubeCart's admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, clear the cache. This will have CubeCart re-fetch the skin configuration.

Now, CubeCart will add the code necessary to pass back to CubeCart the Security Token when submitting a form, such as Add to Basket, Login, and Register.


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Thanks for the reply bsmither, it did't work for this problem unfortunately, however i did find the answer this morning for my computer, clearing all browser data fixed the problem, my only concern now is how many missed orders because of this

i've had 5 people contact us reporting this issue, at least 1 was using firefox

already sent a feedback report to chrome and will contact paypal this morning

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I'm not 100% on this but looks to me like you may have a caching problem. It looks like all your content is being cached too aggressively either by your server or via your .htaccess file. First thing to look at I would guess is your .htaccess file to see if you have anything caching files such as .jpg . css .js etc and remove them. Failing that then have a word with your hosting company.

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Later versions of CC6 give the frontside seven days of a session (PHP keeps a record of the cookie). Prior to that, frontside was one day (if I recall), and even earlier, one hour.

However, the provider of your hosting platform may have an internal PHP setting of a more aggressive session management.

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