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CubeCart Procedure for Managing Returns

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Is there a standard procedure for managing returns in CubeCart v6?

Assume that a customer has purchased and received an item, but they want to return the item for (a) an exchange for another item, or (b) a refund or partial refund (they may be returning one item out of six received).

Is there a way using CubeCart to:

  • Receive the item back into CubeCart (stock level)
  • Adjust the Customer's order (again, stock level if a replacement item issued)
  • Generate e-mails to the customer showing that the return has been received and that
    • a replacement item has been sent, or
    • a refund or partial refund has been issued

In older versions, it used to be possible to backtrack from Completed to Processing and then Pending to return stock, adjust the order, then Cancel for a refund or proceed again to Processing and Completed - does this still work for CCv6?

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There are these:

1. Seems to assume the product will not be added back to inventory:

2. An RMA manager - seems to be informational only - customer relations:

3. Establishing store credit as opposed to issuing a refund:

I would think all the above would solve most of the business process of product returns and dispute resolution. I do not see any solution - again, depends on your choice of business process - that would amend the original order. My experience with online retailers is that annotations are made to the original order and a new sale is made to resolve the issue.

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I've also got this on my R&D roadmap for a future module which will offer a variety of features, but it won't be available for quite a while.

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My request is more about managing stock level control than customers. Statistics are also involved because CubeCart might say I've sold 10 items but 6 might have been returned.

I would have hoped that in CubeCart Admin, if the inventory of a customer order is changed that stock levels are also changed.

  • Item deleted from order inventory = product added back to stock level and sale removed from statistics
  • Item added to order inventory = product taken from stock level and sale added to statistics
  • or perhaps keep the original item sent and put the same item on a second line as a MINUS 1 amount to show that it had been returned

Would any of that work with the current version of CubeCart?

Or backing out of the order process would return the stock, but there would need to be more control on when customers get sent an e-mail (a tickbox would do it, so automatic e-mail could be turned off before the order was saved).

COMPLETED - stock level is current
PROCESSING - back one step, stock level still current, turn off auto email
PENDING - order inventory added back to stock level, turn off auto email

Then, for a replacement item, adjust the order inventory and proceed through the order process again - although I don't want to confuse the customer by automatic emails saying that they just placed or paid for an order (PENDING/PROCESSING), but I do want to be able to include custom text about their completed order (like I do for every order).

I guess the above would also apply to a partial refund where one item was returned and the rest kept.

For a complete return and full refund of the whole order, I would probably move the status to CANCELLED and use a CubeCart email template for cancelled orders to allow some custom text.

General discussion (not tech support): If you're a CubeCart merchant and you use CubeCart to manage stock levels for returns and replacements, what steps do you do?

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these are all features on my roadmap, including an additional audit trail module and overlap with my custom order status module, as well as statistical stock information and forecasting.

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