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Adding 1 item to basket & 2 end up in cart


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Hi when you add an item to the basket it, it seems like it is automatically adding 2. Any suggestions? It seems that when you add an item with a production option from the category page or main page you are redirected to the exact item page to select the product option. Once you select the product option it adds what you bought and the original click to the cart.


mican skin


new installation 

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You may have modified the Mican template main.php. or have placed certain files in the Mican /js/ folder that should not be there. Specifically, I see admin.js in the /mican/js/ folder. Please remove it. You may have also placed jquery.bxslider.min.js and jquery.bxslider.js in the /mican/js/ folder. Choose one.

But, yes there are two POSTs being made when clicking Add to Cart from the Product Description page.

I discovered the double POSTing and wrote a bug report about it. Let me see if I can find it.

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Ok. I see only one POST now.

You may need to force your browser to reload all the page's resources (CSS, javascript, images). This is typically done with CTRL-F5 (or a shifted click on the circle-arrow reload icon).

Please confirm.

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