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USA based payment gateways


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Depends what type of payments you are looking to accept.

Stripe is fantastic and in my opinion much better and cheaper than PayPal, and great for credit / debit card payments from anywhere.

If you are looking to offer facility for bank transfers, then sign up for Transferwise (https://transferwise.com/u/ianb20) and open a business account which is called a Borderless account.  That way you can (currently) have a GBP bank account, a USD bank account, a Euro bank account and even now an Australian bank account.  Each of these are "normal" bank accounts and people in those countries (for the Euro account, then anyone within the SEPA group of countries in Europe) can money in from their local account.  No bank charges and you can transfer the money between accounts (at mid-market rates not a stupid bank rates) and then withdraw to a local account.  We accept money in EUR and GBP and can also in USD and withdraw it.  You can also make supplier payments or transfers to any other account in the same region.  Fantastic, no normal business banking charges and great rates.

3 minutes ago, vidmarc said:

Some of these gateways are very choosy about which DVDs or Blu-rays you can sell using their services. Many have problems with what they refer to as "adult movies" when they're not.

As Transferwise is a manual bank transfer process which you would need to use the Print Order Form with, there is no connection to products in your store.  If you want card payments for adult stores then ccBill is setup for that and we wrote a V4 gateway for them but havent created a V6 version.  Not sure whether Stripe would accept products deemed to be adult but you could ask, their customer support is great

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