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Update to 6.2.0 issue with basket link not redirecting

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Hi, I've seen someone had same issue with updated to latest version, I followed instructions via FTP to update, when i add item to basket and try to click on it i get:  /# instead of redirecting link. Currently i'm using faundation skin from 6.1.15 which seems to work but there is system error msg :

File: [cubecart.class.php] Line: [1280] "SELECT `I`.`product_id`, `C`.`cat_name` FROM `CubeCart_category_index` AS `I` INNER JOIN `CubeCart_category` AS `C` ON `I`.`cat_id` = `C`.`cat_id` WHERE `I`.`product_id` IN (218) AND `primary` = 1 ;" - Table 'xxxxx.CubeCart_category_index' doesn't exist

I guess it might be due to faundation skin used from previous version.

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That's what I thought, but my main issue is that 6.2.0 foundation skin has problem with basket not redirecting ( empty link), it seems there is java script problem but not sure where, even with an error i get on database i get orders through ok.

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Hover the mouse cursor over the Shopping Basket icon. The browser should show (on the 'status bar') that the link points to www.mystore.com/#. This is an indication that by clicking on this link, a javascript function will cause some action. (The HTML has something like <a href="#" onclick="function()">.)

What is supposed to happen is that the Foundation javascript will activate an <aside>, specifically the box.off_canvas.right.php content. This content is the complete Shopping Basket contents 'popup'. The popup shows the "Checkout" and/or "View Basket" buttons, and the list of what is in the basket. (The mobile layout behaves slightly different.)

When hovering on the shopping basket icon, seeing the address in the status bar, www.mystore.com/#, but nothing happens when making the mouse click, then the javascript hasn't loaded, did not start, or has crashed.

Your browser's diagnostic tools, Console tab, should report if anything is wrong.

This might also be a case where, depending on what version you upgraded from when going to a later version, that the javascript file had been updated, but your browser is still using a cached copy of the older version from its internal cache. If this is the case, then forcing the browser to reload page resources may fix this.

However, CC62 has adopted an approach to "minify' certain page resources. This approach eliminates the above problem.


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I've done the check you have asked for and this is result code, this code comes up every time when i add item to basket :

ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined  3f0e7.js_foot.foundation_20180425101121.js:1:5512
ReferenceError: $ is not defined  www.superledlights.co.uk:9:1

Not sure what it means, any suggestion ?


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On 4/27/2018 at 11:12 AM, havenswift-hosting said:

This is a database error as it is saying a table that the query is looking for doesnt exist.  This will not be a skin error



The issue with an error on database is that i have prefix on tables, and in cubecart class code is writen to join 2 tables, so i had to manualy add prefix to the cubecart class.

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