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Re-Captcha - keeps switching off

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Since upgrading, any new settings changed in Admin keep reverting back. Is there a way I can stop this happening?

Is this also something related to the "safe settings" option in global.inc?

If so, could a "master switch" be added to the admin section so we don't have to keep making changes to global.inc via ftp?

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Hello, on my side I am in 6.2.0 and I have the same problem, if I rule in invisible recaptcha and I save, I empty the cache, 24h / 48h after the setting this automatically turns OFF

and suddenly I have my guestbook filled with comment of Russian spam.




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Working on a supposition...

Do you have CubeCart set to allow visitors to change the skin shown to them?

If so, do you have an alternate skin installed that is not Foundation?

I am looking at /classes/gui.class.php, near line 767. Here, if there is a POST['recaptcha_response_field'], and if the date is after March 31, then CubeCart switches reCaptcha to off.

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Russian spam?

I am now working on a theory that spam robots send custom POSTs. The theory supposes that among the POST key/value pairs, the key "g-recaptcha-response" is not present (this is needed for reCaptcha V2 or Invisible (CubeCart recaptcha mode values 2 or 3, see GUI line 741).

Instead, the key "recaptcha_response_field" has been added. Thus, GUI line 767 is executed.

(I am researching for a utility to submit custom POSTs to a web site to test this. Firefox allows for editing and resending a POST, but for some reason, my web browser seems to not be receiving the edited parts of that POST request.)

Try this work-around:

In /classes/gui.class.php, near line 767, find:

} elseif(isset($_POST['recaptcha_response_field'])) {

Change to:

} elseif(isset($_POST['recaptcha_response_field']) && in_array($GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'recaptcha'), array(1))) {

Since the Config recaptcha mode is not mode 1 (no longer a choice in CC620), the following code does not execute (that code turns off recaptcha).

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Hello, for the moment he has not returned to off. I have the keys 'site key' and 'secret key'. I wait to see if I have ink Russian spam that arrives.

in fact I have users who write in Russian on my guestbook and gives links, their ip addresses indicates Russia.

I put their ip address in security suite tab ip address banned and I wait to see if it's back.
Thank you for your help

I do not yet change the code you specify .. I wait

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here today the captcha is toggle off to see capture



While normally it is set to invisible

and suddenly I end up with messages in Russian on my guestbook


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