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"Sale price" instead of "Price" in Product list (Admin wiev)


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Is it possible in the Dashboard/Product list (Admin Control Panel)  to wiev (and sort) column Sale Price instead of  column Price (Retail Price)?

 Now it's a bit complicated to sort and view products based on actual Customer  price  (which in most cases is Sale Price not a Retail Price).


Thank You in advance for any comment :)


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My Admin DOES sort by Sales Price.

That may be something Bsmither helped me do a long time ago - will try to find it.

Well I found it, but it's not quite what you need. I suspect what you need might take similar coding - but it's  way past my abilities.



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Two simple edits. But, keep in mind that these edits will not survive an upgrade. So, after upgrading, re-edit the following files.

In the admin template file products.index.php, near line 79, find:


On a new blank line AFTER, add:

In the admin sources file products.index.inc.php, near line 1127, find:

	foreach ($GLOBALS['hooks']->load('admin.product.table_head_sort') as $hook) include $hook;

	$GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('THEAD', $thead_sort);

On a blank line BEFORE that, add:

$thead_sort['sale_price'] = $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('sale_price', $lang['common']['price_sale'], 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']);

The new column values for Sale Price comes from the specific price entered as a Retail Sale Price on the Add/Edit Product screen, Pricing tab.

CubeCart offers two Sales modes: Per-product (specific pricing) and Global percentage. The new Sale Price table column reflects the Per-product value. The Global percentage value is irrelevant to be shown here because the global discount is computed directly from the (retail) Price. So - just sort on the price.

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