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Language changes to Contact-Us.html

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Please know that CubeCart does not have any file that ends in .html. CubeCart creates "friendly" web addresses that when said address arrives at the web server, there is a bit of rewriting that happens.

The rewrite for Contact-Us.html gets changed (by the web server) to index.php?_a=contact-us. Then, CubeCart examines what the _a is (contact-us) and creates the appropriate page to send out.

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Ok, these seem like non-answers for me.

I did lan ms-dos content search ook on the downloaded unzipped files for the term "enqui" and found that in the definitions, but when I look for it on the actual server, I can't find it.
...what is the "common group", please?

AND... int he header of the definitions file is a severe warning NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING.


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We recommend that changes to languages phrases be made using a CubeCart administrative feature. Changes get databased and thus will survive upgrades.

In admin, Languages, click the Edit icon of the language you wish to change. On the next page, from the Phrase Group drop-down selector, choose Common. In a few seconds, a list of keys (left column) and the corresponding phrases (right column) will appear.

Scroll to the 'enquiry' keyword, click on the keyword, and the text entry field will become editable. Change the phrase and click Save at the bottom. (Note that the Clear Cache button becomes illuminated. You will not see the change on the storefront until the cache is cleared.)

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