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Hi Guys

I have just updated a site to 6.2.9 from 6.2.8 i now appear to have 2 admin files just with random letter groups at the end of the name. one appears to originate from 6.2.8 and one from the upgrade. However if I delete the 6.2.8 admin file everything on the backend goes blank. apologies if there is an obvious solution for this i cannot find anything re multiple admin directories on the forum.


I thought I would check out global.inc.php it would appear I have 15.


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In the /includes/ folder, there will be only one file named global.inc.php. Others may have names with date components as these are backups of previous versions.

In global.inc.php, the values for 'adminFolder' and 'adminFile' are the folder and file you should not delete.

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The multiple copies will have been the result of a failed or partially completed upgrade and while keeping the ones referenced in the global.inc.php file is correct, it is likely that these are from different versions.  You should manually re-upload via FTP, the contents of the admin directory and admin file


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