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All in one shipping upgrade help

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I have decided to start a new thread instead of keep adding to an somebody elses old one.

Last week i upgraded to the lastest version of all in one shipping module and now any time i try to make a change i get a CSRF warning.

Bsmither was trying to help me get this sorted but we never managed to find a solution.

I really need to get this sorted.

Any ideas?? Bsmither was working on the admin file not being correct but when we changed that then i was unable to login to admin side of my website.

Starting to wish i never bothered with the update now ūüė≠


Thanks for your help 


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In working with WSD via email, we discovered that his site has /admin/ and /admin_aBcDeF/ folders. The /admin_aBcDeF/ version of CubeCart is before it added the hidden token input before each </form> tag in the Smarty output stream. Thus, the latest versions of AIOS is no longer compatible with earlier versions of CC as there is no longer any inclusion of the token to be POSTed.

WSD has also found the forum conversations discussing max_input_vars and had already adjusted that to 8000.

The quandry now is why, when having edited the global.inc.php file to use the /admin/ folder (the file dates correspond to CC629), did CC still want to use the older folder.


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Does anyone know of another shipping module that does similar to all in one shipping? Don't seem to be able to get this fixed after doing the update and need to make some changes to included and remove some countries from my shipping services.

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I coded a variant of the AIOS module's admin settings screen to add back the security token form element. Thus, it should now avoid the CSRF compatibility issue from having an older administration codebase.


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