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Need shipping = pickup & payment = cash

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This must be there? But I can't figure it out.

My client has mailing or pick-up as shipment options.
In case of pick-up, payment can be cash or advance payment.

I have an Extension "All in One Shipping" ready configured for all shipping options

As payment options, there are Bank Transfer and PayPal right now.
How do I get a "cash on pick-up" option, ideally but not neccessarily connected to the respective shipping chosen?


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On 2/3/2021 at 4:47 PM, bsmither said:

The Marketplace will have a Store Collection module.


But you say that the AIOS has that covered for you. Perhaps a shipping rate named "Cash-n-Carry"?



I checked the Store Collection Module, but it does not give me anything more than I already had with AIOS.

What I am missing ist the payment option "cash on pickup". As I said, I have Bank Transfer and PayPal right now.

I need a new payment option, maybe this can be done inside CC and I just have not figured it out.
Or is there another extension I have not found yet?


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