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clear cache button is missing


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This will be for one of two reasons.

1. Caching may be disabled. Check the Advanced section of your stores settings.

2. Your store isn't on the latest version of be using a mix of version code. It's common for the admin_xxx folder to have outdated content. Please make sure upgrade has completed successfully and the admin folder contains latest files.

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Those are date-time stamps when CubeCart made a backup of global.inc.php. The only version of that file that is of critical importance is one that spelled exactly as global.inc.php. The other versions of that file can be deleted if you really want to.


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If the cache button is missing then your store has not been fully upgraded to the latest version as the HTML code in the admin template folder to show it is not there. In other words it's still code from an older version. This means its running a mix of old and new code. 

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This is not normal, but regularly happens when an attempt to upgrade does not go correctly.

Please examine the date:time of both folders. Which one is the newest?

Then, for the file /includes/global.inc.php, examine its date:time.

Examine the contents of global.inc.php. There will be statement that references the adminFolder. What does it equal?

If we assume that the newest date of the several administration folders is the latest version, then the value for the adminFolder statement must match that foldername exactly.

But, you say you FTP'd a version of CubeCart to your site. Well, that will then be the latest version of the codebase.

Only after CubeCart successfully completes the "setup" process, does the folder /admin/ get changed to /admin_AbCdEf/ and the global.inc.php file get updated to reference the newly named administration folder.

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my global points to admin_xxxxxxx


when i install a new version of cubecart my global points to admin_xxxx

but the admin folder is were it places the new version of admin contents as the newest version of cubecart has a admin folder in its .zip when i drag it over



admin_xxx has not been updated since 2019

as all admin folder contents have been going into admin folder in ftp not the admin_xxx

im guessing we are now leading to deleting admin_xxx and then re running /setup and it will generate a brand new admin_xxxx


as my current admin_xxx hasnt been touched since 2019

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I hear you say there is both a folder named /admin/ and /admin_XXXX/. Also, /admin_XXXX/ is suspect because it is older than a year.

As an experiment, in the file /includes/global.inc.php, edit that file as follows (note, you may need to switch off that file's 'read-only' status):


$glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin_XXXX';

Change to:

$glob['adminFolder'] = 'admin';

This will cause CubeCart to use the freshly FTP'd admin folder on your site.

Hopefully, the button will now be present.


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