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Changes to Headings


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How do I acess the heading text? Tried phpAdmin, looked at various store files, etc.

I am initially interested in changing :

Aeronca Aviator Magazines, Volumes 17-24.

Other products will be migrated here over time.

Thanks for visiting.

Seems like the second line is related to the Category, but can't find it.


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It looks like this might be your (admin, Store Settings, Offline tab) "Store Offline" content.


No, not offline. Wouldn't be able to view products if offline.

So, in admin, Documents, look at the document that has Homepage setting marked.


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If the suspect heading was in the Homepage document, there will not be a View Category heading on the same page.

However, the Home Page does also include the Latest Products, if, in admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, there are settings that allow this to be displayed.

I would also want to examine the skin template main.php and content.homepage.php to see if there is a hard-coded edit that has been forgotten about.


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