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SMTP with TLS - success or failed?


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Cubecart 6.4.2 (I know I need to get this upgraded soon)

I changed from PHPMail() to "SMTP with TLS" to ensure my emails goes to customers. So I did a test.

And this came up from Cubecart admin area



So, which was it? Is it a success or a fail? ;) 

But then, I did get this test email in my mailbox...



So it did work, just that the pop up is all incorrect. Bug?


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19 hours ago, bsmither said:

Did this test eventually start reporting a success without the confusing second line?

I did get the test e-mail after clicking the Test button. I've tried again and still get the same message. This is with and without the "Use SMTP Authentication (Normally Required)" option.

I also used Port 587 for TLS. The same goes with SSL, port 465.

I'll test again when I've upgraded CubeCart to v6.4.4 - still going through the template codes.

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Please examine the file found in the admin skin folder templates/settings.index.php with this same file directly from a fresh package of CC644 (or CC650x), especially lines 421-469.

From a number of versions back, the email Test button required the settings be saved first, then the test performed. But that changed so that the values currently in the form fields, even if not saved, are used to make the test.

Have the browser's Developer's Tools open to the Network panel. When making the test, you will see the ajax request and response in the panel's listings. On the POST line item, you will be able to see the AJAX payloads. Verify the payload details with what you have entered in the form.

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