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My current store only works with php version 7.4, I have upgraded to the latest software version 6.4.10 but if I switch my php version up to 8.0 or 8.1 i just get an error page.  This does not happen on a clean install of the store so assuming its something to do with a skin or add-on.

Before I start turning things off does anyone have any experience of this?


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5 hours ago, robertbell said:

Some extensions are tied to a specific php version. What does the error page say, and what extensions are installed?

Its error 500, extensions are semperfi vertical nav, site news and custom foundation 5 and also the standard paypal and all in one shipping

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12 hours ago, bsmither said:

Let's see what errors that PHP logs. See:


Also, if you can get in to admin, look at Error Logs, System Error Log tab.

Now thats a very handy little widget :)

It was full of FATAL ERRORS relating to the Site News Addin so have disabled it and tried switching the site to PHP 8.1 and it all now works OK

thanks everyone for the help

Is it OK to leave the error log script in place?


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