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    I've had trouble with Baidu before and had already added the Disallows. I was not using Ian's hosting at that time and had to figure it out for myself. It's situations like this that make Havenswift Hosting my preference.
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    What caused all my errors was a bot called Baidu. Business is located in China, but the IP is from Brazil. This is concerning. Ian from Havenswift thinks it might be a spider making itself look like it is from Baidu when it actually isn’t. We both read that Baidu does not respect robots. txt, but this may be why. It isnt Baidu at all ! Anyway, I added the following to my robots.txt. I’m going to clear my error log and see what happens. No more errors we know it’s Baidu. Lots more errors we know it isn’t and .htaccess changes come into play. Thank you Ian for all your help. User-agent: Baiduspider Disallow: / and User-agent: Baiduspider-image Disallow: /

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