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  1. As far as I can work out the domain is all you need as CubeCart adds the other every time it calls on PayPal. Others may correct me on this though as my knowledge is very limited...
  2. This isn't just a PP issue we also cannot get Worldpay payments to update customer orders to processing either - thankfully Ian @havenswift-hosting Is on the case...
  3. Out and about right now but will put this into action later on, thanks
  4. Surprise! It's started again:-( will log a ticket with PP
  5. Was there a fix to this as it happens to me as well and I am currently using The Edge
  6. I am still having problems with the order status not updating from pending to processing when customers pay by WP! The callback URL is https://www.my website.co.uk/modules/gateway/WorldPay/return.php but nothing happens, any thoughts appreciated as ever.
  7. This still appears to be an issue for my customers - does anybody have the fix?
  8. We too find Ian and the team to be invaluable
  9. I would love to know how to change the 'Add to Cart' button to show the 'Info' button instead.
  10. NO answers yet I guess this has either got folks baffled or stock isn't that important? Further to the stock issue the system is also reallocating product codes as per attached picture these items should all start with EB20C11 - This issue is now causing problems with customers as well as myself
  11. My website is misreporting stock levels quite wildly! Scenario (a) 1. I untick global stock levels 2. I set the store to individual stock levels 3. I don't allow out of stock purchases 4. On each product I untick global stock levels and set individual levels Customers can buy more stock than is available which is an issue for both parties Scenario (b) 1. I use global stock levels 2. I set the level to -1 3. I don't allow out of stock purchases 4. On each product I tick global stock levels The store reports lots of items that are out of stock. If I untick global stock on each item the stock is reported as infinitesimal The stock of the first item is always reported as between 0-244!!! The attachment shows the stock levels change for items 1&2 just because...? Any help as usual greatly appreciated! Stock.docx
  12. Strangely enough I have Just received both an order email and notification from Nochex so it would appear that the glitch has righted itself...
  13. The problem may be more than originally thought, the customer's order also doesn't register against their account so in their order history there are no orders.
  14. Today, 15:45Request Sent - https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/apc/apctransaction_id=4767326&transaction_date=16%2F05%2F2015+15%3A44%3A29&order_id=150516-153922-3282&amount=19.95&from_email=Derek.jackson15%40btopenworld.com&to_email=steve%40themodeltreeshop.co.uk&security_key=acbe502d66e84eb784068358aadb084a&status=live&custom=Error:cURL Error (35): Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to www.nochex.com:443Response received
  15. It would appear that the payment gateway doesn't work for NoChex or PayPal... I have to manually change the order status to processing.
  16. Now we're cooking with gas! The post code search works fine
  17. Thanks for the easy to follow instructions, I think I followed them all but still no joy.
  18. Done that, switched back again to do the editing
  19. I think I have done that right now - but as you suspected it still isn't flying... your knowledge and skill is appreciated and no I'm not a sycophant
  20. Do you mean all the underlined code? Meanwhile we have switched to foundation - apparently there are a few issues with Vector!(cost a lot of money not so long back)
  21. The lines have been added to public_html/skins/vector/templates/main.php the cache cleared but still no joy yet. Thanks for your perseverence so far.
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