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  1. If I install v6 onto the new hosting server a) will it use my existing sql database and can I then add upload existing image folder etc to v6? I am just a bit worried about getting the domain name redirected before I know the new system will work.
  2. I am with Justhosts and I want to change hosting to fasthosts. I have copied all the files via FTP to the new hosting server and I have uploaded my CC mysql database as well. I have changed the includes/global.inc file to reflect the new ip address, but I cannot find the HTACCESS file in the root directory that may need changing. Fasthost tech say the configuration file need changing but what to and where?
  3. Many thanks. Should I still keep the '. Before the $data['name'],
  4. Just upgraded to 5.14. On the old order printout at the bottom there is shipping information. in the 5.13 against Shipping Method I used to get Royal Mail 1st or Royal Mail 2nd or Courier depending on what the customer chose. Now there is the Shipping module name and the chosen service. ie By_weight: Royal Mail 2nd Class or All_in_one: Hermes Courier. How do I stop it putting the shipping module name (By_weight, All_in_one) before the chosen shipping method. https://forums.cubecart.com/uploads/monthly_11_2014/post-147423-0-40808600-1415972220.jpghttps://forums.cubecart.com/uploads/monthly_11_2014/post-147423-0-63047400-1415972221.jpg here is an example of original printout
  5. Hi, no further assistance required. I will give it a try .
  6. Hi B Yes I was.I thought it was a cc5 standard plugin, or could it have been carried over when I upgraded from cc3.
  7. Where can I find information on setting up the featured product plugin. My current store shows any of my entire stock and I want more control. I set it up for the UK, showing 2 products and then enabled 6 products. The store still shows 1 random product from my entire product list.
  8. Is it possible to change or edit mutiple products in one go. Example. I have 30 products that I want to change the price to £1.99. Can i highlight them all and change the price or do I have to edit each one seperately, I cannot find a solution.
  9. Many thanks, that has given me exactly what I was after. You have come up with the goods again , as usual, many thanks.
  10. Hi Brian sorry I cannot find that line anywhere in 5.2.8
  11. I have run the radio button mod to show my two shipping choices, 1st class or 2nd class postage. i have used your mod in #15 to get the default to 1st Class. what I would like to have now is to swap the options around so that it looks like this 1st Class postage 2nd Class postage Currently 2nd class is listed above 1st class.
  12. Hi I have managed to customise some email templates, order completed etc. my questions are 1. on test orders i get the same email text as set in the html text template. What is the plain text because this is different from the html text and it does not appear on the emails. 2. Should the plain text and html text be the same?
  13. Is anyone else getting a warning message when they open this page from the main cc site. I get a warning that this is an attack site and I should leave immediately?
  14. I would also like first class as the default, for exactly the same reasons as above.thanks
  15. Hi Yes i see it now and it slides out etc. i must admit i had not noticed it before. Thanks
  16. In Admin, customer list I can see my customers, Add Customers, and Group Customers but the search customer facility does not work If I hover the cursor over the search customer tab I get this address mydomain.co.uk/admin.php?_g=customers#sidebar but nothing happens? I am still using 5.2.5
  17. I am running cc525. Delivery address is the same as billing address - ticked box yes When a customer registers and crates a password. Their account info in admin/customerlist shows a delivery address and a billing address -as expected When a customer just enters their address without creating a password. Their account in the admin/ customer list shows the addresses have been duplicated i.e delivery address shown twice and billing address shown twice. I have tried several test customers and it seems that every time the customer enters their details the next step they are taken to the address/details page, to check the shipping option chosen, the addresses are then duplicated. I have one customer who had 4 copies of each address listed in their admin account details.i assume they just kept going backwards and forwards during the 'registration' phase. I have asked them how many times they had to enter their address and they have only entered it once.
  18. Well i have not clue what you are rambling on about. Would it not be better just to rewrite the mod so that it works. The above is not solution to fix the error.
  19. Hi We sell keyrings for £2.99. I have tried to use your mod to make a sale price of £2.49. So i highlight the category, keyrings, choose the update products in the selected category,by amount,subtract, 0.50 In phpadmin the sale price for items in the keyring category is showing -.50. The shop is showing the keyrings with a retail price of £2.99, the sale price of £2.49 is not showing. Because the sale price is above zero you say it should be visible. If i choose a keyring and set a sale price in admin product, the shop shows the sale price. When the database showed -1.00, what CubeCart page did not show -1.00 as the sale price? Answer the only place that showed -1.00 was the sale column in the database, the shop only showed the current full retail price.. CubeCart will not show an item as being on sale if: the sale price is zero or negative, the sale price is greater than the regular price, and possibly if the logged in customer is getting a better price via their group membership pricing structure. Answer I enter a number in the sale price box after choosing either Add or Subtract, this number is shown in phpadmin sale price column as +/- entered number, this number does not show anywhere else. CubeCart will show an item is on sale if the sale price is greater than zero and less than the regular price. Answer, this is not happening when i use your mod but only when i set a sale price individually using the standard cc admin product method. So, if by what you meant "the product's sale price wasn't shown against the product," was when viewing the product on the storefront, then it was Cubecart deciding the item was not on sale and did not show the sale price. Answer, on all tests the retail price was 2.99. I set a reduction of .50 and expected to see a sale price of 2.49. (You are telling me cc did not recognise this as a sale price?) In admin, when editing a product, on the Pricing tab, CubeCart will show whatever value is recorded in the database (-1.00). Answer that is correct, if i enter a reduction on a product or category in your sale price mod. The product or products in that category will all show the reduction (-1.00) as the sale price on the pricing tab of admin and not the retail price minus the reduction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully you have all the information to correct the errors.
  20. I understand all that, the question is, why does it work when there is already a sale price but not when there is no sale price set? now we realise what is happening , can it be made to work and create a bulk update by category.
  21. I know very little about coding, but it seems to me that if I was creating a spreadsheet,the formula in the cell would say +X [normal price] - Y [discount] = P [ sale price.] at the moment it appears we are just putting the discount [Y] in the 'sale price' cell. - over to you.
  22. Hi just to confirm the three action above were independent of each other and not taking off .50 and then a further 1.00, so the 'answers' were correct as such.The sale starting price was 0.00. Here are the results from the test. a product was created retail 20.99 and sale price 13.49. the listing in phpadmin reflected this. the website showed the 20.99 with the 13.49 sale price Using the saleprice assign I added 2.00 to the selected item. The website reflected this change the sale price was now 15.49, and ofcourse the phpadmin sale price had changed to 15.49. so the mod appears to work if there is already a sale price set up.
  23. The chosen product has a retail price of 4.99 I have tested three sale price options, firstly reduce item by .50 and 1.00. php admin sales column shows either -.50 or -1.00 I have then tried the same but added 1.00, again the figure in the sales column is 1.00
  24. First i selected a category, then i chose the update the products in the selected category, by amount, subtract .50 Click save - blue header says products updated. Sales item set at per product. The same was done for a product, update selected product, by amount, add .50 Blue header confirms update. I have tried updating normal price products and that works perfectly.
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