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  1. have you checked (use stock level). in first page when you list a product. discount available , must be set a low price per item, for example price is £2 so discount must be £1.99 or low.
  2. are you using same email admin? sender email must be not same as admin.
  3. why not sign in admin>advance>maintenance>upgrade
  4. Hi check my this listing if it help you. buyer can choose few option and option has different prices. http://www.noshahitech.co.uk/phone-unlocking/htc/htc-unlocking-code-old-model-p36.html
  5. I am using all in one shipping and arranged item by weight. I have set option for collection, free post, second class and first class and it allow to add more. I don't know if it help you. my site is http://www.noshahitech.co.uk/. I don't know if I am allow to post my website, if not allow I can edit my post and remove.
  6. I am waiting for it as I need it . Thanks
  7. Have you selected image? after select file you must press save button. you can open incognito tab in chrome browser so it won't catch saved data. it should be ok. if not then might your file is not right size.
  8. sender email should be different .if you are using same email account then you should use a different email not the account email.
  9. Hi I am new here and feeling happy to joined CC forum. this is my first post in forum. I was using CC v6.0.8 and now updated to latest v6.09 and gateway plugin Nochex and Paypal. I have two paypal account one is micropayment and one is normal Paypal and Nochex. so I preferred to get paid order from 99p to £7 order via paypal micropayment account, and order above £7 with Nochex and standard paypal . Q: is there a way to make it possible? Thanks
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