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  1. Make sure you have set the correct permissions on the directory structure.... ie cache, images, includes/extra, all need write access (777). If you're restoring, make sure the database and files are at the same version. Licensing support can be requested direct from CubeCart Support without the need for support credits (if used will be refunded I believe). Rob
  2. Please note third-party skins are not supported in this forum, only files supplied with CubeCart. Please visit CubeCartForums.org, thanks.
  3. Because this forum is seen as the official forum, as advertised. Official meaning used by Devellion. Support tickets cost money, and I guess they don't know how the ticket and support credit system works. In addition, there is no direct link at the top of the forum to the official helpdesk. Some may not realise it exists, if they've not been here before.
  4. Try upgrading to the latest release. If it's a bug, that may fix it.
  5. CubeCart v4 came to end of live on 22nd June of this year. You can continue using v4 as long as you want. All this means is that there will be no more bug fix or security releases.
  6. If the problem is CC, they you get your ticket credit refunded.
  7. I get the same. Must be a bug... who'd have thought LOL
  8. Why don't you just add the HTML to the global templates? not sure why you're trying to edit the include files. Look at the skin documentation for v4.
  9. I agree with bsmither, you must upgrade to the latest v5 release, this is the only solution we can offer at this stage.
  10. This gives it away... "Sender [email protected] is over rate limit" Your hosting company has set an email rate limit, and you have hit the limit so your emails are getting rejected. You need to speak to your hosting company about the details of the restriction.
  11. Perhaps it's just one page/section triggering it... can you check for that?
  12. Perhaps your tell-a-friend page is being abused by spammers? is there any change in email traffic during this period?
  13. I'm assuming you've installed the .htaccess file? you're better off in the long run moving to linux hosting.
  14. The versions of Ioncube are different, and not compatible. CubeCart is encoded with a newer version of Ioncube than the server has, so the message is saying to upgrade the server. Just use Zend if it's installed.
  15. @ravuth. Note third-party mods are not supported in this forum. You should post at cubecartforums.org. This cubecart.com forum is for supporting the core CubeCart product only.
  16. Please note third-party mods are not supported in this forum.
  17. If you purchase a v5 license, you can upgrade to v5. Each v5 update is then included.
  18. I believe this was answered in your other topic on the same subject.
  19. The error is "Permission denied". Have you tried giving the "/includes/extra/" directory full write permissions?
  20. I assume you have updated the global.inc.php file? Yes the third-party skin may cause an issue as it includes licensing, however you would need to contact the author about that.
  21. Does it work with a shipped skin? if so, you need to compare the language changer templates.
  22. CubeCart v4 is completely different to v5, therefore nothing in v4 is compatible with v5. Not even the skin elements are compatible. Use a v5 shipped skin to check that things are working.
  23. This is a community forum. The 'CubeCart people' do not visit the forum very often as they provide premium support via support tickets. If there is a bug, report it in bug tracker, if you need official support submit a support ticket. If you want the opinion and support from other CubeCart enthusiasts then this forum is the place to post. If you want advice and support on features or modifications not standard in the CubeCart software visit cubecartforums.org to ask there.
  24. Different cart software would mean your indexed URLs would no longer be valid.
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