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  1. Most payment gateways can output a CSV file i will check the data that the RM account needs...
  2. Did anyone find a solution to this please. The manual work around is very time consuming for every order
  3. I do have this installed, was very straightforward and I added the Ad words ID and Event send to ID as required but nothing happens. I get the feeling that Ad words have changed something that effects this plugin again.
  4. I am not sure it should be one block of code either. Feels like the first bit should be at the top of the file and the last bit in its own <literal> and <script> tags at the end Any other suggestions please?
  5. yes, agreed. Not sure why i did not do this before. Will do it now and retry the upgrade later ... thank you
  6. I tried this upgrade this morning and the result was not great. The store layout changed completely and I was unable to login to the Admin panel at all. Fortunately I had a full backup and could revert. Question: Should I have left the upgrade and copied back the previous skin files? Anyone else had issues with this please?
  7. The experts at Google have advised I should add ther following code at the end of content.receipt.php to track successful orders generated by ad words. I would appreciate a view from anyone that has done this previously - it just does not look right. {literal} <!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Ads: 106nnnnnnn --> <script async src="https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=AW-106nnnnnnn"></script> <script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag('js', new Date()); gtag('config', 'AW-106nnnnnnn'); </script> gtag('event', 'conversion', { 'send_to': 'AW-106nnnnnnn/K_-QCMrvlt4BEJSnsfsD', 'value': '{/literal}{$GA_SUM.total}{literal}', 'currency': 'GBP', 'transaction_id': '{/literal}{$GA_SUM.cart_order_id}{literal}' // order ID - required }); {/literal}
  8. did you ever find out what is supposed to go on the Event Send To line of this plugin? Update: 'send_to': 'AW-106nnnnnnn/K_-QCMrvlt4BEJSnasfsD' got this bit when created the Ad words account. Still does not appear to register sales conversions though?
  9. having just added stripe for the first time, it appears to work, test data suggests the payment is processed but from the store on entering the payment information i just go to a blank screen - i do not get a payment confirmation or returned to the store - any ideas please? Resolved. Blank screen if you implement the extension, put Stripe in test mode and use real card details. Full test card details available at https://stripe.com/docs/testing#cards use the right one for the country or specific test you want to carry out and it works fine.
  10. the link from your main site to the shop is not working, shop looks good though
  11. I have updated i did this and it did not work for me? Opens the shop with no-one logged in?
  12. Wow, I had not come across that site, thank you for your help.
  13. It is 11essence.co.uk there are some hard coded http references on the menus that I need to remove but that are not images as referred to by chrome
  14. I have enabled SSL both on the website and the relavant admin pages. However, the website is indicating the images are not secure. How do I address this please?
  15. so that is not great. Are we waiting for Google to resolve? Do you know if turning off the review option resolves or will they continue anyway?
  16. Did anyone find a solution to this please? Running cc6.09 and still getting 100s of spam reviews
  17. clearing cache did not appear to work. SSL settings look OK: No URL .domain.co.uk
  18. Safari can't open "ir:http://www...." because Microsoft windows does not recognise Internet addresses starting with "ir:" Edge says you will need a new app to open this ir
  19. Has anyone else seen an issue where a product has several variants? cc6.08 When I click on <Buy> where a product has several options & I have not selected one of them, I used to give a message telling me that I needed to select a product option before buying. Now I get a different option depending on the browser - for example I get directed to a page with an error message (safari), or pops up a useless info box (edge) or does nothing (Chrome). It is fine if I click on <more info> and then select <Buy> the messaging is correct. Is this a bug? cc6.09 allows you to purchase without selecting an option?
  20. Thanks the new config.xml is very different to that used in the skin for v5. I will copy one over from a default skin and edit appropriately. Thank you for the steer.
  21. has any one discovered how to change the default number of products displayed? Used to be an option now it is set to 10 or all. NOt sure how to change the default from 10 to say 20?
  22. We have noticed on our website that when you put something in the basket and then click onto the basket, at the bottom of the page you are taken to is a heading 'customers who bought this item all bought'. Underneath this heading is a picture of the item you have already put in the basket so not a lot of use!
  23. So I actually ended up with if (($addresses = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_addressbook', false, $where, 'description ASC')) !== false) { which worked perfectly because of the way they save the address, I was looking in completely the wrong place previously - thank you, saved me a considerable amount of time.
  24. I have a customer with CC5 who has multiple customer addresses for one customer. They would like to display the address list in alphabetical order when checking out to make finding the address easier. Anyone got an idea how to sort the address list from the check out pages please? Thanks
  25. I changed the email method to mail() and was able to change the order status from pending to processed. So that worked, thank you. I will check that the emails were send and confirm that the PayPal IPN notifications are updating correctly later. Thank you all for your efforts and replies - greatly appreciated.
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