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  1. did you ever find out what is supposed to go on the Event Send To line of this plugin?
  2. How do I dynamically display all categories in a document?
  3. thank you, exactly what I needed to know. Cheers.
  4. Does anyone know where to find the length of {product.description_short} I would like to increase the number of characters before the description is truncated. Thanks
  5. I reversed the change and all is back to normal. Thank you.
  6. I am assuming that this is just the default set to the most expensive rather than the least expensive but that the change is not in the all in one shipping module files rather a core CC file - does anyone know which one I should look at please?
  7. the shipping methods are listed in the right order - least to most expensive but the default is to the most expensive. As per attached image.
  8. Since upgrading to version 6.2.6 the order for the shipping options has changed on one of our stores with the default now being an option to ship with a courier rather then just 1st class post. How do I reorder the shipping options please? Just upgraded the shipping module to the latest version and see nowhere to change the order of these.
  9. More testing this morning and some interesting results. Place the MP4 files for download in the secure 'File' folder tick the check box for the file location Purchase MP4 from the shop Select the link from the Purchasers email: from mobile device - image as above - nothing plays. from PC file downloaded to download folder and can be played from here. Place the MP4 files for download in the non secure 'Public' folder and enter the link in the custom file path Purchase MP4 from the shop Select the link from the Purchasers email: from mobile device - MP4 plays.
  10. the file manager piece appears to work well - I can restrict number of downloads, the time the link is valid - but I can share the email and the link. Files we are trying to sell are large, so streaming appears to be a good option. `Adding streaming links to the store works well however, the browsers have a share button now built in and the links can be freely shared around. Have tried with ScreenCast and Vimeo with no joy does anyone have any suggestions for video streaming hosts that offer protected content streaming please
  11. On my i7 and i10 I get the following ... Not sure what this means though? thank you
  12. Basically just hangs and does nothing. Try https://cambridge-tutor.co.uk/index.php?_a=download&accesskey=fabb48b40fb6cd07e50d553151f2e058
  13. It is the same link, I am opening it from the same email and on my PC it is fine but not so on my mobile or iPad. I think I have a work around, a bit more time needed to solve but I will update on here either way. Thanks for your help thus far. Appreciated.
  14. Thanks all. Found the bit I needed in content.checlout.php and commented it out: {* {if $INCLUDE_CHECKOUT && !$DISABLE_GATEWAYS} <div id="payment_method"> <h3>{$LANG.gateway.select}</h3> <hr> <div class="row"> <div class="small-12 columns"> <ul class="no-bullet center" id="gateway_error"> {foreach from=$GATEWAYS item=gateway} <li> <input name="gateway" type="radio" value="{$gateway.folder}" id="{$gateway.folder}" req
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