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Resolved - Discount Codes


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I have a forum where I offer my products for sale in the classifieds sections at a discount to members. I want to replace my listings with a discount code so the forum members can use the code on my cubecart store & get their discount there.

Is this possible with Cubecart v5 as standard or via mod?


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I haven't actually created any "coupons" or discount codes, but I understand that this is a standard feature of CubeCart 5 (and later versions of CubeCart 4).

I also understand it is not as versatile as some would like it to be. (I believe it is the 'once per user' limit that is missing.)

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I use coupons (and would love to see the once per user limit). IF the forum is private and the code can be put in a thread there WITHOUT it showing up in a Google search, then posting the code there should work with the default coupon system as far as I can tell. But that's a huge IF. Even if you can keep the forum posts from showing up in searches, you likely have no way to stop a member from sharing the coupon code with other people who are not members.

Would creating a Customer Group with your members perhaps be a way to accomplish what you want?

From the CC help file:

Customers can be allocated to different groups on the Edit Customer page. These groups can be used to allow a different pricing for each product, perhaps for trade sales for example.

This is not a feature I use, so I'm not sure what's involved in assigning people to that group. Hopefully someone will be along to help with this.

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Thanks - the documentation I can find seems a little vague. Can the coupons give a percentage discount or just a set-price reduction? I'm happy enough to post it in a private forum & change the code from time to time. Groups would be useful for trade sales.

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Guest MBTOnlineSolutionsLtd

This feature is standard in v5.

If you access the admin section and click 'Coupons' down the left hand side and the on the tabs at the top click 'Create Coupon'.

This will enable you to set a coupon code and give set amount of discount based on percentage or a fixed price.

I hope this helps.

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