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Resolved - strange fault after upgrading to 5.1.3

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Did the upgrade tonight & on certain categories adding an item to the cart made a duplicate of the home page appear where the cart is shown in top right corner. I restored the site from the backups to 5.1.1 & it's still doing the same thing. Anyone seen this? See screenshot below.

I've had to close the store & submitted a ticket.

Before I rolled back I checked my product list - I didn't see a thumbnail image against the products there. I thought that was a new feature?

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I've updated our store that is basically a default skin. And yes, I do now have an image showing on the Product listing Image tab to the right of the image list box. And everything seems to be working properly.

I vaguely remember seeing that odd page look a long time ago when I made a div error I think. Since the logo process was completely changed in 5.1.3, maybe you should undo that part of your beautiful design and go back to the default logo creation and see if that fixes it. Then maybe you can work out how to get your background image idea to work again.

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It was only main.php I'd edited in the templates folder & cubecart.class.php & I restored to the old versions (I never over overwrite - just rename by adding _old).

I also tried a different skin & I get the same issue manifested differently. Plus this was working fine before so why has restoring from backup to 5.1.1 not fixed it?

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The other strange thing is my admin panels is telling me I'm running 5.1.1 & that I should upgrade. If I do the install again it tells me I'm already upgraded -

Your store has already been upgraded. No further action is required.

Maintenance/upgrade then tells me I'm on 5.1.3 . I restore from backup again & it tells me I'm on 5.1.1 & I should upgrade - do an upgrade again & it tells I'm already upgraded! Restoring my files & db doesn't seem to be restoring everything it should. If it was the fault would have disappeared & it would let me re-upgrade.

I did see the product images the 2nd time. Must have been a cache thing.

Be sure to clear your caches?

Aye - I did that.

Hitting the sack now. Logged a ticket over an hour ago & no email to confirm they got it & no activation email for my registration on the support site either.

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Are you familiar with how to look into your database using a utility like phpMyAdmin? It's usually a feature of the control panel offered to you by the hosting company.

We're going to be looking at the table CubeCart_history. We will also be looking at the file ini.inc.php.

This is both before and after a restore and before and after visiting the Maintenance admin screen.

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