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Email notification - how to code?


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The clue would be that the PHP code file that processes the data that the form submitted would then call the Mailer class, use various methods to setup the parts of an email, then use the send() method to get the email out the door.

That's just the clue.

I'll have a better explanation later.

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I'm working on adding the ability to have admin create more types of emails ("Welcome, thanks for registering", etc.).

But let's start by looking at /classes/order.class.php, at around line 282.

$admin_mailer = Mailer::getInstance();

This gives us a thing that we will use to do the mailing. The Mailer thing (an object) has properties (characteristics) and functions (actually called methods, that do actions).

if (($content = $admin_mailer->loadContent('admin.order_received')) !== false) {

The Mailer object knows how to fetch email content from the database. That content is actually a template used by Smarty and Smarty populates the {$placeholders} with data assembled in code from form submissions or other database calls. In the case we are looking at, that happened in lines 213-280. For this case, the email content being used is the message Order Received and is intended for the admins.

Because this is a Smarty template, we use the Smarty object's assign() method to populate the template. Then we use the Mailer's method sendMail(who, what) to send the email on its way.

To summarize:

Assign to a variable a Mailer object.

Determine what email content (which is a template) to send and give it to loadContent().

Use Smarty to populate the email content.

Use sendmail() to send it.

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