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Royal Mail - Shipping by Weight


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Why isn't there something like this for CubeCart?
I just moved from Zen too...

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I'm in the US, so I've never set up Royal Mail, but I gave it a stab, since no one has responded with any directions.


I started by using the Add Zone tab and set up the Europe Zone. I checked One ore More Countries and then used the drop down menu to add each of the countries in Europe.


When I saved my choices, I was taken back to the beginning screen. I now had a Europe Zone, with a list of countries AND a Rest of the World Zone. The only countries that would not be in Rest of the World would be the Australia area, so I created a Zone 2 with Australia and New Zealand as the countries.


Now I have 3 zones - Europe, Rest of the World (equivalent to Zone 1), and Zone 2.


On the General Tab you would need to set up your VAT tax rules. You may need the Advanced Settings for your package situation.


The new postage rates are outlined in this pdf file:




Use that to set up the postage rates that would be appropriate for your products for each zone.


I'm sorry I can't help any more than that.

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Thanks Mr Butter, That's very helpful young man :)


I think the 'Postage' issue is vital to all - especially with our main service provider going mad with charges before being (potentially) privatised.


My postman is a friend and I know they will be going 'On Strike' quite soon (Downing tools and basically drinking Beer all day - good for them but not for us) so I need to get all of my Ducks in Order before this happens. and especially as I intend opening my new business before Christmas 2013 :)


I am only posting to the UK for now.

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