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Additional hosting requirements?

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The first three are plug-ins for PHP that provide a means of caching delivered web pages (for faster delivery of the next request).


XDebug allows for enhanced capabilities with regard to keeping track of what was going on when PHP crashed, or when there are specific statements in the code that will collect and deliver to the browser the state of variables when triggered by those statements.

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For the common operation of the store, no.


An argument could be made that for a typical store owner (who knows too little about how the server works on which the store is installed), they do not need to be aware of the presence of these features.


For a store/site technician who may find alternate cache methods and debug capabilities helpful, such persons wouldn't need the status indicators in this install screen anyways.

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Our Cubecart new install says these aren't installed, and our hosting company doesn't know what they are - can somebody clue us in please? Are they needed?






While it is true that most CubeCart installations wouldnt need these and in fact in many Shared Hosting setups they couldnt be installed, it is amazing that your hosting company didnt know what these are ??



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