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Settings -> Advanced -> Email


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The Email configuration block specifies the means emails are to be sent: the PHP mail() function (if your hosting provider allows for it), or SMTP where PHP will contact a mail server you are authorized to use. If using SMTP, the bottom five fields pertain.


This email address will be the apparent FROM: address when customers receive emails about the status of their orders, the newsletters you send to those have opted in to receive them, and printed on the packing slips (invoices) placed in the box dispatched to the customer. This is the email address you, as the Main Administrator / Store Owner will be checking for any correspondence from your customers.


In the Administrators screen, if there is a green check, emails entered here are used to have CubeCart send copies of order status changes and new order notices. For example, you may create an administrator with very limited permissions who is your warehouse foreman. This person will receive emails informing the warehouse to prepare a shipment.


 Also, (I haven't explored this code) the Link to customer account either pertains to the admin's personal storefront customer account (why? I don't know), or a select customer's account so that this admin becomes that customer's CSR (so why not have the ability to add more than one?). If the latter case, usage of the store's Contact Us form will notify the admin that this customer is linked to.

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