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Best Practice for Theme Modification?


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I need to make some changes to the Vector theme (it's too light for a client/friend of mine).


Is there a wrong and a right way of doing this? I'd like to keep the original as is, so do I simply duplicate one of the style folders and make changes to that? Or do I somehow need to make a "child" theme and make changes to that instead?


Most of the changes are simply colour changes via css (for now) but there may be other changes and mods as I progress with the store build.


IO'd really appreciate your help on this as I don't want to mess things up.

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As far as I know there is no child theme method, such as with Wordpress. Since you're dealing with a commercial skin, I suspect it might be easier to rename the original skin files as a backup and then make a copy and make your changes to the copy. I suggest that, because I'm not sure what would have to be done to get Fusion to recognize the skin. If you need that information, please ask on the 3rd party forum.


Normally the way would be to keep the original stock skin and copy that and name your version differently. That way an upgrade would not over-write all your changes.

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If what you intend to do is to change the CSS and imagery, then the given method to differentiate "styles" (as opposed to "layouts") is by creating another folder in /skin_name/images/ and /skin_name/styles/.


For example, in the Mican skin, there are black, blue, and pink sets of imagery and CSS. Create another pair of folders named "darkpink" and fill them with the new images and css rules.


You may consider these sub-folders as "child" themes to the extent that currently, the sub-folders are used to set the pallet of colors. But that is not a hard limit to their usefulness.


Since the sub-folder/layout.css file is loaded after the common.css file, the rules in layout.css should overwrite (take precedence over) the rules in common.css.


The templates themselves are built using mainly <div id="xyz"> blocks, and with some complicated css rules, can be positioned and sized wherever they are needed.


So have fun!


A commercial skin should follow this folder layout.

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