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Guest checkout - That email address is already being used.


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I get

The following errors were detected:
That email address is already being used.


People should be able to check out as a guest even if they have been a customer or ghost customer.


Right now, if a customer purchases something a month ago, for example, an account is automatically created for him. Then he comes back again a month later, but can't simply make a purchase as a guest and gets the warning about how his email address is already in use. He probably won't know his login (since it was automatically created on the first purchase) and would have to do the "forgot password" thing. I would like to have the guest checkout not require someone to log in, even if they were a previous customer or a ghost.


I was hoping this would be changed in in the latest update V5.2.5, but it isn't. I was upgrading from CC V3, but I can't use V5 until this is fixed as it will deter many customers from purchasing. A guest checkout should not require a login, even if they are a previous customer.


Is there a fix for this? is it in the works?

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