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Difference between Paypal Gateway and Paypal Plugin?


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I just registered my LITE version of CC5 and I had orders placed using Paypal payment gateways that I set up. When I registered, I see there are now plugins available. One of those plugins is Paypal....


What is the plugin exactly and how does it differ from the Paypal payment gateway?

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Disclaimer: I despise PayPal, so the following information may be somewhat sketchy in detail.


The plug-in offers two or three more PayPal payment methods: Express, Direct, and if i the USA, one more.


Express puts a button on the checkout screen earlier in the process where the customer need not fill out the billing and delivery address blocks. The customer is taken to the Customer's PayPal account where they choose from their own payment choices. PayPal then sends back the delivery address to CubeCart.


I don't know how Direct works. And there is a method where the customer stays on your site, enters all the credit card info, and CubeCart talks to PayPal.


I am sure if you visit your PayPal merchant control panel, you can learn about all the ways PayPal can transact payments.

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PayPal Express Checkout is far superior to PayPal standard in that your customers don't need to login or register to place their order and payment. This can significantly increase conversions and reduce the amount of abandoned checkouts. Personally I strongly recommend it over standard (which PayPal are keen for us to remove).

The other option which costs £20/$30 a month is direct payments which gives you a credit card form too.

There isn't a third option just combinations of the above depending on your store locale. Uk merchants get the benefit of a hosted credit card checkout too because PCI enforcement is stricter in the UK. The UK has been used as the main testing ground for PCI compliance before US roll out from what I have been told.

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Does the plugin take over for the payment gateway? For instance, if I use the plugin, do I disable the gateway?


And what is Websites Payment Pro under the drop down box under the plugin. It gives me 3 choices. Website payments pro/express checkout, express checkout only, direct checkout only.

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"For instance, if I use the plugin, do I disable the gateway?"


You can, but you don't have to. The PayPal gateway module shows up in the list of gateways at checkout.


Then, in addition to that, the plugin offers other ways to pay, one is the orange button on the Confirmation page (Express?), and another is also on the gateway page, but when chosen, keeps the customer on your site (Direct?).


Sorry, but that's all I know about PayPal.

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Revisiting this with more dumb questions. Sorry. I just tried enabling the Express version of PayPal Pro. PP is the only payment method we accept, so should I take the Checkout button off? It looks like this way eliminated customer registration completely. And what happens if they want the item delivered to a different address than the one they have on record on PP?

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Revisiting this question for v6.0.4. I installed the latest PayPal pro, set for Express only. I get both the Checkout Button AND the prominent PayPal button.

Both buttons makes no sense. That is our only gateway.

Also, the PayPal Pro screen that opens offers the customer payment with their debit/credit card BUT requires creation of PP account.

The PayPal Gateway does not require creation of PP account, but does not give an itemized order, only the total.

Are these differences in behaviors what is expected?

For now, I have AGAIN reverted to the gateway PP.

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