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Need Advice about Fulfilment Company


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Hi, I run an online business using CubeCart and I have other full time jobs as well. As the orders raising, my garage is not enough for my products and boxes every where. When we have orders we need to pick pack and and deliver our orders to courier which cost us much time. We would like to find a solutions which can spare our time and enjoy with family.

So I searched google and find that the company ChinaDivision provides such service. This company offer a fulfilment service, sounds like a great idea, and the shipping rate and customized service is cool; But i have never use it before and I do not know how to integrate Chinadivision order fulfillment service to CubeCart. 

Any one who can give me some advice? thank you

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Other CubeCart users also conduct their business processes by having the manufacturer "dropship" their products to the customer.

These store owners have had a plugin enabled that, when a sale is made, examines each product's manufacturer and sends an email indicating the product(s) and the delivery address to the email address configured for that manufacturer or shipper.

The plugin does not communicate with the shipper for any shipping charges, so one must use a shipping module that has been set up with fixed shipping charges.

You can try it here: http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showtopic=19350

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I'm not really an expert on the ways and means of dropship vs, order fulfillment, so I can understand if the module does not fit your needs.

So, maybe we can still explore what it is you need by describing your understanding of order fulfillment.

A solution that seemed to solve one other store owner's needs was to create a do-nothing admin profile, and enable the Receive Order Notifications checkbox. That profile has the email address of the company (warehouse shipping foreman, whoever) that will do the shipping.

(Just now read articles by Shipwire and eFulfillment Service that explains the difference.)

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If I remember correctly, fulfillment will source products, ship products, etc. However, if you are having a 3rd party source products, obtain and ship those products, you run the risks of losing control of order inventories being out of your control, product obtainment (unless this place has everything in stock themselves), and shipping times, etc.. For instance, that site you mentioned will source and ship products that are within China. I would venture to guess you would probably benefit more if you were in the country that was doing the fulfillment for you.

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Essentially you want to send your orders to a third party, then have them ship the goods on your behalf.

Depending on the service provider you wish to use, the processes will vary.

Should you need to integrate with a specific service provider I can help. I have integrated CubeCart with many third party systems and consider it one of my specialist areas. Feel free to reach out to me here, or via my support portal at https://www.noodleman.co.uk/support should you wish to chat further about it.

All the best,



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